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Amba-QA Limited works to a documented quality management system to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. We conform to our equal opportunities policy, our health and safety and environmental policies statements. 

Our mission statement reflects our ethos:      

The Directors and Associates of Amba-QA Limited, are committed to continuous improvement of our professional capability.

This enables us to provide our clients with a high quality service that fulfils clients’ specified requirements.

Further, it is our aim to conduct ourselves so that we operate effectively primarily for the benefit of our clients.

We operate with a network of management and specialist consultants who have an extensive range of skills.  Our permanent team of qualified consultants maintains the highest professional standards, all of whom have worked in industry at senior management and director level.

The company works to its own strict code of conduct, which conforms to the highest professional standards.  Because we have no novices, expensive overheads or significant corporate expenses, we are able to offer a cost-efficient fee rate to our clients.

We are dedicated to helping clients to achieve optimum company performance. We involve clients' people at all stages because their performance is crucial to success. Our company provides a total service.  We don't just make recommendations but continue to be involved in the implementation of an agreed plan.


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